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Dried leech – extract of leeches

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Leeches weighing 0.5-1.3 grams, after quarantine of 4-6 months, are dried in a special apparatus. This method of drying ensures the production of dry biological material without losing its structural integrity, allows you to maintain in vivo localization of chemical and biological components in the cells, makes it impossible for the oxidative processes, does not change the size and chemical composition of the object. Dried tissues and preparations, when moistened, restore almost all of their original biological properties.

Coarse dried leeches. Prepacked in pharmacy jars. weight 0.25; 0.5; 1.0 grams Closed lid with seal.

The quality of the product is approved by the conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological expertise No. 05.03.02-07 / 58148 dated December 30, 2015.

The product is used to enter into creams and ointments for therapeutic purposes. Grind in mortar or coffee grinder before use. Store in a dry, dark place.

Attention: on open wounds, skin that is affected by purulent infection, do not use fungus.

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