You can find more details about hirudotherapy in the book by L.A. Kuplevska "Hirudotherapy and the Basics of Health" or on the website of Dr.Kuplevska.
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Hirudotherapy is an effective method of prevention and treatment with medicinal leeches. You can find everything about  hirudotherapy in the book “The Use of Medicinal Leech” by L.A. Kuplevska.


In recent decades, a certain paradox is observed: on the one hand, the number of medicines, laboratory research, and high-tech diagnostics increases, many therapeutic techniques are developed, and on the other hand – the increase in the morbidity of the population and the reduction of life expectancy. These factors made doctors resort to unjustifiably forgotten techniques of nontraditional, alternative medicine, aimed primarily not at eliminating the symptoms of the disease, but on the search for the causes of the disease and the impact on the complex health improvement.

The perception of the human body as a whole is the basis of natural methods of treatment: hirudotherapy, apitherapy, and phytotherapy. The obtained positive results of treatment of patients confirm the appropriateness of using these methods in everyday medical practice, in particular  leech therapy.

At present, there is an accumulated wealth of experience in the effective use of hirudotherapy in various diseases. And the fact that leeches were given a secondary role was the result of its unskilled use. Therefore, mastering the basics of hirudotherapy (not only by the professional doctors) will prevent these errors in the future and will contribute to improving the effectiveness of treatment. The advantages of this biological method are that it is harmless, does not have negative side effects and, with a few exceptions, can be used in patients of different ages and with various diseases.

The revival of hirudotherapy is a fact that has happened – the number of its supporters, both among doctors and patients, is constantly increasing. The tasks of our practice are to learn to use this “pharmaceutical minifactory” correctly and feel the real effects of the impact of leeches on the human body. Having mastered the basics of hirudotherapy, you will be able to rethink your attitude to medical treatment, once again being convinced of the power of the forces of nature.

Leech is a doctor which returns health and vitality. Let’s use this together with the necessary knowledge.

From the book of the physician-hirudotherapist L.A Kuplevska “Hirudotherapy and the Basics of Health”

Let’s start the hirudotherapy session

Hirudotherapy should be carried out in a normal, calm environment. In the area of the presumed attachment, the skin should be cleaned before the procedure and it shouldn’t have foreign smells.

Medicinal leech can be applied both with the help of additional devices (syringes without a needle, cans, test tubes), and without them. The patient should be in a comfortable position, better lying down.
In the chosen place for the attachment, medicinal leeches should be placed with the front sucker towards the skin. If the patient’s skin temperature is low (often in elderly patients), leeches will be sucking sluggishly. The skin area can be prewiped with a piece of bandage moistened with warm water, to a state of hyperemia. However, if happens that leech does not want to suck, then the skin is anointed with a solution of glucose or sugar. In the extreme case, it is necessary to prick the skin with a disposable needle until the appearance of a drop of blood, on which the leech is placed.

You can find more details in the book by L.A. Kuplevska “Hirudotherapy and the Basics of Health” or on the website of Dr.Kuplevska www.dr-kuplewska.com

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Tactics after the attachment of leeches
After the leech falls off, the sterile bandage is applied (bandage, adhesive plaster, absorbent pads, diapers – if leeches were placed on the sacrum). The wound can bleed for 2 to 24 hours. Sometimes there are small bruises in place of bite – this is normal.They will disappear in a few days.
The patient should:
Physical strain during the sessions of hirudotherapy is not recommended .
The bandage should be changed every day for the prevention of urticaria, carbuncles, furuncles.
After removing the bandage, the wound should be treated with 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and necessarily glued with bactericidal adhesive plaster for another 12-24 hours.
The shower can be taken in 1-2 days.
Bath can be taken on 4-5 days.
The next session can be repeated in 2-3 days.

The main effects of leech on the human body

-antihypoxic hypotensive (more precisely normotensive)
-recovery of microcirculation
-restoration of the neuromuscular transmission of impulses
-general reflectory
-restoration of vascular wall permeability
Possible complications
After the first procedures (more often in 12-18 hours after the 3-4th procedure), a reaction to medicinal leech may occur as a result of activation of the immune system, which is regarded as a positive, favorable phenomenon that indicates the exact hit of the leech secretion in the focus of disease.
Reaction after attaching the medicinal leeches may include the following manifestations:
-itching, redness, swelling, localized fever in places of leech bites – noted in 88% of cases;
-reaction from the lymphatic system in the form of regional and distant lymph nodes increasing – noted in 1,6% of cases;
-general reaction in the form of increase in body temperature, muscle pain, deterioration of general health – noted in 0.8% of cases.
-Reactions are not observed at all in 9.6% of patients.
You can find more details in the book by L.A. Kuplevska “Hirudotherapy and the Basics of Health” or on the website of Dr.Kuplevska www.dr-kuplewska.com

Более подробно в книге Куплевской Лидии или на сайте доктора Куплевськой www.dr-kuplewska.com