Leeches are stored in a glass jar, half filled with pure water at a temperature of + 10 ℃ in the refrigerator. The supplier does not accept complaints about the quality of the goods in cases caused by the negligence of obtaining or storing leeches by a medical customer.
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Having received a post or telephone message about the receipt of medicinal leeches, it is urgent to receive them and immediately start the disassembly*, prepare clean 1-3-liter wide-necked glass vessels. Fill them halfway with water at room temperature (tap water settled for 1-3 days, – not distilled, not from the well, rivers, lakes). In 3-liter vessels, place 100-150 leeches.

RECEIVING LEECHES IN TURF: Carefully open the parcel box. Extract the bag with leeches, untie it and pour a small portion of the contents of the bag onto the table. Carefully picking up the lumps of packing soil, select leeches and place them in a jar with water. Take away the soil without leeches from the table. Pour the next portion of the contents out of the bag and, again, carefully viewing, select leeches. Such a thorough view is due to the fact that the leeches, curled up in a tight ball, are enveloped in the soil, remain unnoticed and often thrown away with it.

After selecting leeches, the water in the vessels should be changed to clean water since the soil which comes with the leeches gives water a dark color.



– when receiving leeches in plastic containers (narrow-neck bottle), carefully cut the bottle, transfer leeches to a prepared glass jar, or take out leeches one by one from narrow-neck bottle with long tweezers.

– to change the water in a jar with leeches, it is necessary to have a clean gauze napkin or sieve (which is very convenient), through which pour away the dirty water, pour clean water into the vessel, pour it away again, and then fill the vessel with leeches halfway with the pure water.

– cover the vessel with a clean dense coarse calico napkin, tightly tie with a lacing cord or elastic band. The napkin should be damp and tight fitted to the neck of the vessel.

————————————————– —————–


– place vessels with leeches in a clean, well-ventilated room with a constant air temperature of +10 to +15 C, (fridge) **. Leeches like twilight. In this same room, you can store water for replacement. Prereadied water (2 days are enough) acquires room temperature and dechlorates independently.

– water replacement for leeches should take place every 2 daysUse gauze napkin, brush, or sponge to wipe the inside of the vessel wall and to remove mucus .Use a napkin or sieve to pour away the used water. Turn the vessel upside down, pick up flakes (natural excrements of leeches), pick up the dead leeches, if there are any, rinse and pour clean water (0.5 of the vessel). For this purpose, it is good to use a regular kitchen sieve with small holes (as for the flour).


Due to violation of the conditions of keeping or “feeding” *** leeches may become ill (die).

The supplier does not accept complaints about the quality of the goods in cases caused by the negligence of receiving or storing leeches by a medical customer:

– * Untimely unpacking of the parcel (either from turf or from the parcel can (bottles)), complaints on the 2nd day after receipt are not accepted;

– ** improper care of leeches – temperature mode because leeches are afraid of a sudden change in temperature, and the optimum temperature is 10-15 C;

– *** complaints about quality and life expectancy of leeches are not accepted after use by the customer during a hirudotherapy session or “fed” by the customer in some other way.

, as well as for goods received from another supplier.

In the summer, a glass jar with leeches should be kept necessarily on the lower shelf of the refrigerator. The containers in which the leeches were received (a plastic bottle or bag with parallon or turf) are not intended for keeping leeches for a longer time, so, upon receipt of the parcel, leeches urgently need to be transported into a clean glass jar with water.

In one jar should not contain large and small leeches. It is better to plant them. Never put a jar with leeches on the window sill, do not feed leeches with anything. In one 3-liter jar put no more than 150 leeches.

Also, medicinal leeches can be kept in an aquarium of different sizes (depending on the possibilities, the number of leeches). In the aquarium, you can plant algae, scatter pebbles, sea shells – in this place leeches will feel good for a longer time. But remember, the biofactory is selling hungry leeches – ready for hirudotherapy – and is not responsible for a long-term storage at home.