includes natural methods and ways of treatment and rehabilitation. In our medical center. use hirudotherapy, phytotherapy, apitherapy, treatment, slugs, homeopathy, physiotherapy, physiotherapy ....
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Naturopathic medicine is a set of independent methods that can be used both individually and in combination with others. Among them are:

-Aromatherapy – treatment with aromatic substances.
Apitherapy – treatment with bee products and bees.
-Aeroionotherapy – treatment with negatively charged ions
Hirudotherapy – treatment using leeches.
-Halotherapy – treatment in a chamber with artificial microclimate with a fine dispersion aerosol of sodium chloride.
-Heliotherapy – treatment with sunlight.
-Homeopathy – a kind of alternative medicine, which involves the use of highly diluted drugs.
-Dendrotherapy – treatment by means of “communication with trees”.
-Litotherapy – treatment with stones and minerals.
-Musical therapy – treatment with music.
-Thalassotherapy – treatment with seaweed, salts, and mud.
Snail therapy – treatment with the mucus of snails.
Phytotherapy – herbal medicine.
In addition, in naturopathic medicine, the knowledge of Ayurveda and acupuncture, techniques of sujok, kinesiotherapy, yoga, and various massages are used .Naturopathic physicians are trying to teach patients how to support health and prevent diseases. And for many who have been healed, it became natural to live a healthy lifestyle.

Naturopaths believe that for the treatment of diseases, the forces should be sought in people themselves, therefore, we must try to intensify the protective forces of the body in order to overcome the disease with their help.

Naturopathy (natural medicine) is based on the self-treatment of a person by means of leading a good life and applying natural methods: aromatherapy, hirudotherapy, phytotherapy, apitherapy, snail therapy …

Its main goal is to treat a person rather than the person’s illness.

The most important principle of naturopathy is “natural nutrition”. Natural food not only gives “building material” for cells and determines the required composition of blood, but also forms a positive character, actions, and even the outlook of a person. Food should provide a two-way nutritional treatment, in which nutrition is inseparable from cleaning the body from toxins and slags. “Natural nutrition” is also one of the sources of “vitality”.

From the point of view of naturopaths, the root cause of the disease is not bacteria and viruses – they only manifest their effects on the body, if the biological environment in it contributes to this. Therefore, whatever effective against the disease agents, there were no certain drugs to eliminate the chronization of the disease, to achieve complete recovery-it is necessary to restore the affected biological environment in the body.

Naturopaths believe that from birth, the human body is endowed with enormous opportunities for self-healing. And if you put this human property as a foundation, then with the help of such natural factors as healthy eating, juices, diets, physical exercises and water procedures, fresh air, the right mode of work and rest, it is possible to maintain excellent health, high vitality, and longevity for many years.

Regarding nutrition, naturopathy, apart from the consumption of exclusively natural products, welcomes the observance of fasts, believing that such diet contributes to maintaining the health and protective forces of the body.

Naturopathic treatment begins with the effect on the emotional state of the patient. It’s no secret that negative emotions do not add strength to the body. Therefore, it is important to mobilize a positive influence and to change the emotional state in a positive direction.

Positive emotions activate the pituitary gland, improve the function of the adrenal glands, as well as the thyroid and other glands of the inner secretion. These processes increase the level of hormones in the blood, as well as the tonus of the whole body, which allows dealing with the disease much more successfully.

The next most important step in naturopathy is to cleanse the body. In the slaggy organism, the vessels are narrowed, and the cells do not get enough blood and nutrients. Therefore, it is very important to cleanse not only the intestines but also the lungs, kidneys and liver, joints, blood, and lymph.

Fasting days, diet, and medicinal plants are useful for that. According to naturopaths, one of the most effective methods of purifying the body is church positions.

If you have mastered purification with the help of grasses, diets, fasting days and start to observe the fasts, you can move on to the hunger therapy, which is considered the strongest and most effective way to cleanse the body.

Nutrition in naturopathy is of great importance. Naturopaths include in their diet only natural products that, in their opinion, are the only ones capable of containing the “living” substances required by the body – these are microelements, enzymes, vitamins, and so on.

In a diet, it is recommended to include more fresh vegetables, fruits, greens. Much attention is paid to treatment with juices. Natural juices and smoothies (puree) are able not only to strengthen the body but also to facilitate the treatment of many diseases.

Much attention is given by naturopaths to water, and this means not only the consumption of a certain amount of liquid but also the most varied water treatments: baths and saunas, healing showers and colonic washing, and so on.

Naturopaths can help you find the right treatment. Also, they are confident that the patients are fully responsible for their own health.