Lydia Kuplevska recommends

Lydia Kuplevska recommends to use the anticoagulant and antiinflammatory ointment with the essence of medicinal leech after the hirudotherapy sessions for rapid reduction of manifestations of local reaction after the attachment of leeches
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Reactions after the attachment of leeches

During purification of body with the method of hirudotherapy, it is important to understand that purification and restoration of the body (as well as with the help of othe methods) can be accompanied by both immediate improvement of the state after the first procedures, as well as various specific symptoms indicating the positive effect of leech enzymes on the body.

After the first procedures, (more often, after 15-20 hours after the 3-4th procedure), a reaction to the attached leeches may occur as a result of the activation of the immune system, which is regarded as a positive sign indicating that the leech secretion is at the focus of the disease, and that it cleans tissues from accumulated metabolites and toxins. This reaction is a confirmation of the fact that the body comes out of a morbid condition.

Slags, stagnant intercellular fluid, and lymph get into the bloodstream and exit the wound outside. If some of the toxins, which for some reason (high viscosity of the blood, high slagging of the body, and so on) remained in the blood, there are signs of intoxication of the body. This may include weakness, dizziness, palpitations, headache, drowsiness, feeling of fatigue, weakness, tremor, chills, nausea, irritability, liquid stool, frequent urination, joint pain, local manifestations, and so on. The appearance of these symptoms is associated with the entry of harmful substances into the blood from the cells and their manifestation depends on the degree of the contamination of tissues and organs, the quality of blood, and other factors. This is a positive sign of the “rearrangement” of the body and once again proves that the biologically active substances produced by leeches are actively working and purifying the body. As the slags are removed from the blood, these unpleasant sensations pass. To quickly get rid of these symptoms, it is necessary to activate the eliminative organs (liver, kidneys, skin) by herbal complexes, a sufficient amount of water, and cleaning the intestines. (See Chapter Phytotherapy Book by Kuplevska).

Reaction after the attachment of leeches is conventionally divided into 3 degrees:

1st degree: local reaction – itching, hyperemia, swelling in places of leech bites, local temperature increase – occurs in 88-90% of cases; read more in the book by Lydiya Kuplevska

Methods of reducing the intensity of the reaction after the attachment of leeches

Places of bites cannot be scratched so as not to infect wounds. In case of itching, local manifestations on the skin, the affected area can be lubricated with Psilo-Balsam, “Antiukus” and “Riatuvalnyk” ointments, a mixture of ammonia spirit and vaseline oil (1: 1) and/or treated with 10% solution of baking soda, 25% solution of sulfate magnesium, herbal infusions (flowers of calendula, chamomile), strong brewing of tea.

For the relief or removal of the symptoms of the reaction after the attachment of leeches after the hirudotherapy session, a wound-healing ointment is used. It was developed at our biofactory with the participation of scientists from the Lviv Medical University specifically for this purpose, and it contains the essence of medicinal leech and oily solution of chlorophyllipt. The ointment quickly and effectively relieves itching and irritation of the skin in the places of attachment of leeches, accelerates healing processes, prolongs the effect of hirudotherapy.  read more in the book by Lydiya Kuplevska