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Quality, safety, efficiency long experience of several generations - Biofactory of leeches in Lviv.We have been growing and selling medicinal leeches for over 20 years .
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The Kuplevsky Biofactory of Leeches (formerly named Hirudo-Med ) is located in the suburbs of the ancient European city of Lviv. The focus area of the activity of the Kruplevsky Biofactory is the cultivation and sale of medicinal leeches. In addition, from the year of 2014, methods of growing snails of the species Achatina and Helix are developed here. Also, there is an apiary, which supplies Ukrainians with beekeeping products. The specialists of our biofactory are doctors, pharmacists, biologists, microbiologists, and engineers. The leeches grown in the Lviv Biofactory are “clean”, highly effective, and safe means of treating and preventing many diseases. Employees of the Kuplevsky Biofactory of Leeches studied and shared the experience of qualitative breeding of medicinal leeches in laboratory conditions at the best biofactories in Europe. Pharmacists of the biofactory together with the scientists of the Lviv Medical University developed an essence of medicinal leech, as well as medicinal and cosmetic creams with the essence of medicinal leech. For more than 10 years, the medical center of nontraditional medicine, headed by the doctor-hirudotherapist L.А. Kuplevska, is working at the biofactory. The unique method of treatment by Lydiya Antonivna is to find the causes of the patient’s illness, to provide the overall healing of the organism, and prevent the occurrence of possible pathologies. At the same time, Dr.Kuplevska uses natural methods of treatment. Many interesting things about hirudotherapy according to Kuplevska’s method can be found in her book, which is reprinted 4 times in 4 languages, and much more can be found in the courses on hirudotherapy by Lidiya Kuplevska.

During the work of the biofactory, doctors and patients from different regions of Ukraine received leeches of impeccable quality. Our clients are dozens of clinics, medical centers, offices, drugstores of the country; our leeches have helped many patients. The leeches are used for treatment of varicose veins, hypertension, infertility, prostatitis, and even sinusitis. You can buy safe medicinal leeches from us: they are grown in sterile conditions, we invest in technology that allows to get the product of a high clinical standard. At the Lviv Biofactory, we sell quality leeches with 4-6 months of quarantine in size from 0.01 to 4.0 grams grown from cocoon. We sell medicinal leeches in Ukraine and deliver them by transport companies and railway transport; in Lviv, there is a delivery by the courier.

Sale of medicinal leeches: from Monday to Friday all year round.