The book about hirudoterapy by L.A.KUPLEVSKA

"Today, the first priority is to rethink the interconnections in the Man-Nature system. In nature, there is everything necessary for human life, only solid knowledge is needed to take advantage of the gifts of this treasury. Our way to health lies in perceiving ourselves as part of the universe. Natural remedies are our chance to feel the joy of life again" Lydiya Kuplevska

The BOOK “Naturopathic Medicine. Hirudotherapy and Physiology of Health” by Lidiya Kuplevska is well illustrated with photos and chemes of treatment with leeches. The author mentions specific cases of treatment by the method of hirudotherapy. The book is relevant both for physicians and people who are treated at home.

What role does hirudotherapy play in modern medicine? How is it right to treat with leeches, where do these unique doctors come from? How to behave if after the session of hirudotherapy, there are unwanted reactions of the body. The answers to these questions can be found on the pages of the book.
Thanks to the book by Lidiya Kuplevska, you will receive comprehensive information on hirudotherapy and other natural treatments. You will find out why leech treats so many illnesses, learn about possible complications during hirudotherapy and how to avoid them. Hirudotherapeutic doctor Kuplevska Lidiya Antonivna will share all the secrets and knowledge in this area obtained during many years of hirudopractice.
The book is written both for doctors and for those who are not physicians and who want to treat themselves and their relatives at home. The book is for those who  treat with leeches for a long time, and for those who are only getting acquainted with hirudotherapy. Hirudotherapy, as well as other natural methods of treatment, is a serious method that can both help and cause harm to a person if it is misused. Read the book, learn, and treat with the help of leeches correctly.

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