why it is necessary to refuse vaccination!

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why it is necessary to refuse vaccination!!

Vaccination against tuberculosis was first used by doctors for the first time 130 years ago. What has changed during this time? A lot of things!
The ecology has become worse many times, the immunity of people has decreased many times due to the inadequate nutrition completely consisting of chemistry, preservatives, dyes and flavors. Seriously undermined the immunity and craze pills. Human health 130 years ago and now even nothing to compare. With each generation, it gets worse and worse.

And if earlier the organism coped with vaccination, now this vaccination is for a weakened organism, and especially for children, it is nothing but intentional infection. With which if the body and cope, but only through the final destruction of its immune system. What will lead to irreparable consequences and incurable diseases.

This also applies to all other vaccinations.

1. A monthly child weighing 5 kg receives the same dose of vaccine as a five-year-old weighing 18 kg. Newborns with an immature, not yet developed immune system, receive a 5-fold higher dose (relative to body weight) than older children.

2. International studies show that vaccinations are one of the causes of SIDS, sudden infant death syndrome.

3. Almost always, childhood infectious diseases are benign and pass by themselves. In addition, they lead to the development of lifelong immunity, while vaccination immunity is only temporary, so there is repeated vaccination.

4. Life-long immunity is then transmitted from the mother through the placenta to her unborn child; vaccination immunity is not transmitted through the placenta.

5. There are no scientific studies designed to determine whether vaccines actually prevent disease. Plots of morbidity rather indicate that vaccinations were administered at the end of the epidemic, when the disease was already at the last stage.

6. No long-term vaccine safety studies. There are only short-term checks, where the vaccinated subjects are compared with the group that introduced another vaccine. In fact, you need to compare with a group of non-vaccinated.

7. Independent private research (Dutch and German) found that vaccinated children suffer much more than their unvaccinated peers. If you stop vaccinating children, their health improves markedly.

8. The child receives not one, but many vaccinations. There are no tests to determine the effects of combination vaccines.

9. Pioneers of vaccination, who recommended great care before vaccination of the population, never promoted mass vaccination.

10. Children are vaccinated simply because they intimidate their parents. Inoculating children is the most profitable business, both for vaccine manufacturers and for doctors.

11. Babies who are only in breast milk are given powerful vaccine toxins, which is contrary to any logic and science.

12. Vaccines contain heavy metals (mercury, aluminum), carcinogens, pesticides, live and genetically modified viruses, serum containing animal viruses and foreign genetic material, extremely toxic decontaminants and auxiliary substances, untested antibiotics, none of which can be administered without causing harm to the body.

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